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WebRider (TM)

The Tuffhookâ„¢ web strap attachment is the first of its kind! With a unique, patent-pending design, Tuffhook offers you a long-lasting, stable solution for your web strap attachment needs.

  • Tuffhook is smooth, with no overhang, eliminating stress-fatigue points.
  • Because the wire hook is hidden under the webbing, the life of your seat upholstery materials is extended.
  • Thanks to its configuration, Tuffhook gives you maximum web strap stability.
  • With both ends of the hook locked into the frame, Tuffhook cannot bend out of shape like many coat hanger-style hooks.
  • New puller design is easy to install and cost-effective.
  • The patent-pending design of Tuffhook helps eliminate noise.