Sytex Synthetic Seating Support Textiles

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Sytex™ is a remarkable elastomeric synthetic seating support that allows you to get rid of clips, wires, pads, noise, and rollover. As a result, you'll be able to cut down on material cost, space, and inven- tory, and reduce labor by more than 70%! Sytex is made up of a high- strength polyester monofilament and has many benefits, including:

  • Easy adjustment in creating a firm seat or a deep, plush ride
  • Safe and easy to apply, reducing frame stress
  • Unaffected by fungus, urine, mildew, and household cleaners
  • Surpasses all government and business technical specs
  • Simple hand application, although machines are available for specific requirements
  • Just-in-Time availability with immediate technical help

Give your customer a better value with more comfortable seats that maintain their structure and resiliency after many years of use.

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