Cinch-Loc™ Upholstery System

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Cinch-Loc (TM)

Upholstery Fabric Attached by Drawstring

Using a system utilizing a drawstring to attach upholstery fabric, Cinch-Loc™ saves labor and reduces fatigue. It is currently being used in office seating, the bedding industry, and in one automotive application. Cinch-Loc improves fabric yield by 30% and provides shape and pattern consistency from seat to seat.


Cinch-Loc is the most effective upholstery method for seating in the upholstery industry. The product is sewn to the perimeter of a seam pattern, and the cord is simply pulled and attached while the seat is in a compressed state.

Bedding and Box Springs

Cinch-Loc is a simple and easy way to apply covers to box springs. Cinch-Loc improves the quality of cover applications, saves on fabric use, and reduces labor costs. It is a process that is superior to stapling.

Pillow Tops

Cinch-Loc provides solutions for creating simple and cost-saving pillow-top beds with ruffled corners. With a final step secured by hand, pillow tops take on a "handmade" look and feel.